Emma and Elizabeth Mandarino

​Amber Hill Farm LLC was started over 12 years ago after Elizabeth and Emma Mandarino fell in love with the sport. Elizabeth combined her background in business and her behavioral background with her passion for the horses in order to help fulfill her daughter’s dreams. Utilizing a positive training strategy, she focuses on behavioral training in order to communicate with the horses and ponies. Her philosophy is to put oneself in the mind of the horse, explain things in their own language and train from there. Amber Hill Farm began as just Elizabeth with Emma and her short stirrup pony, Chick Flick. The name Amber Hill was derived from Chick Flick’s barn name, Amber, combined with the rolling hill that the Mandarino’s Bedminster farm resides on. The collection of Emma’s ponies and horses began growing along with customers ponies and horses, soon it was clear that the combination of Elizabeth’s business and training skills with Emma’s riding abilities would make for a masterful training business.
Now Amber Hill Farm has two locations, the original in the heart of horse country in Bedminster, New Jersey and the other in the mountains of Northeast Georgia. The evolution of the farm over the past decade has proved exponential, as there are now more than 40 horses, including a breeding program.
While Elizabeth and Emma specialize in the training, marketing showing and selling of hunter/jumpers, their passion has spread to the breeding as well. Their extensive knowledge of the horses and ponies proves useful in the handling of the animals, from youngsters to old, made ones. Amber Hill Farm, LLC prides itself in its ability to turn hard work into fulfilling dreams. Elizabeth and Emma have devoted their lives to fulfilling their passion and working with the horses and ponies.

Amber Hill is where "hard work pays off and dreams do come true".