The Story of How Amber Hill was Named
Chick Flick "Amber" still bringing in those tri-colors at WEF after all of these years! This Welsh Cross Mare started it all and was the first pony we owned and we named our farm after. Amber is the reason our hill became known as Amber because when you pulled in you would inevitably see her on our hill with my horses grazing away. I can not even count how many beginners she has showed the ropes to and how many blue or tricolors have hung from her bridle! At our Northern Farm we have a tackroom full of her ribbons all from her. This is the first pony I ever trained. She was Emma Mandarino's 7th birthday present and was purchased through Robbie Burroughs. She is now owned by Alex Talmage in The Hamptons who bought her for her daughter and has been leased out in barn ever since. I can not count how many children she has helped teach to ride. I couldn't have asked for a better home. Alex has taken excellent care of her. It is so nice to see her still going and doing what she loves. The legend lives on. You have proved wrong whomever said you should stay away from a chestnut mare or mare's in general. A good mare, no matter what color, is worth her weight in gold.
We love you Amber and we are so proud of you! 
Thank you Alex for sending me this picture and making my day!