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It is that time again, and if riding is in your child's blood than the opportunity to ride numerous horses and ponies a day and live on the road and show with a AA circuit barn is an experience of a lifetime. 

Amber Hill has hosted many girls for the summer and is opening up our program to a select number of girls who wish to really improve and strengthen their riding.

Riding provides a great opportunity for life lessons, planning skills and time management skills, as well as learning to ride and care for animals. 

We have quality horses and ponies to learn on and offer summer leases for show opportunities. Some already qualified for Pony Finals. 

We have a breeding program and are expecting a large number of foals. The girls can experience newborn foals in a way not many get to experience. 

If you are interested in learning more about our program, please contact us to discuss how we can make your child's summer a dream come true! 

Limited space available.

A summer show lease is required for each rider that does not bring their own horse or pony. 

Serious riders only.

Price list available upon request.




Summer Leases